Still suffering from pandemic stress? Here are several adventure sports that will bring you back to life.

Adventure sports have traditionally provided an escape from everyday life. The COVID-19 epidemic triggered a nationwide lockdown, forcing people to stay inside. The worldwide health crisis had a significant influence on the adventure sports business, as did the aviation and hotel industries. However, with the development of adventure sports activities, it is now time to break free!

India has several magnificent sites that have recently been constructed to hold some thrilling activities. Niharika Nigam, Director of Business Development at Jumpin Heights, discusses adventure sports activities that can help you fight the winter blues and get your adrenaline racing while visiting some of the most beautiful locations in innovative ways!

Bungy jumping: A favourite extreme adventure activity among adrenaline addicts, this extreme adventure sport will help you forget about your concerns as you experience the globe ‘upside down’ (literally!).

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand’s adventure centre, is home to India’s tallest Bungy platform, which stands incredibly tall at 83 metres. They just built their second location in Goa with a completely new atmosphere of bungy jumping over Mayem Lake in North Goa, after operating over 1 lakh jumps there – a global record for adventure tourism in India.

They follow Australia and New Zealand safety regulations for bungy operations and are run by ex-Army officers with jump masters who have received significant training from New Zealand specialists. Furthermore, Rishikesh and Goa provide safe and expert bungy jumping among stunning scenery. So, while leaping into their infinity, discover the slopes of Rishikesh or the azure lake of Goa! Take that “leap of faith” and you’ll have some real bragging rights!

Giant Swing: Another extreme experience that may be done alone or with two persons in tandem. You may do this thrilling activity with a friend, spouse, sibling, or family member and create a once-in-a-lifetime moment that will be remembered for a long time! In Rishikesh, the jump is done from the same Bungy platform. This is the most severe Giant Swing in India. You are outfitted with a seat and chest harness that are attached to the fixed wire ropes.

After a brief free fall, the ropes will gracefully swing you like a pendulum, leaving you dangling in mid-air. This adventure sport lets you to experience double the freefall of a Bungy, with significantly greater speed and almost as much anxiety.

Flying Fox: Imagine getting a bird’s eye view of the surroundings while being strapped to the wire on a zip line. Rishikesh has Asia’s longest flying fox, which can glide at 140kph. Accelerate up to 160 kmph and feel the air rushing by as you are dropped to only 7 metres above the river level.

River rafting: Summer has here, and with the searing heat growing by the day, what could be better than white-water rafting in Rishikesh or Manali? The adrenaline feeling you experience while riding and crashing down the whitewater is just unparalleled! Because it is a team sport, it is beneficial to both mental health and total well-being. And generally having a great time on the river!

In addition, the nation offers paragliding, skiing, and trekking, all of which may help refresh your senses.

These adventure sports may be both exciting and physically challenging. It is recommended that you do not participate in these activities under peer pressure or in dubious contexts. Investigate the organisation in charge of these sports to ensure your safety. Check if they have effective rescue operations and safety protocols in place. Be assured of their specialists’ competence, and be aware of your own. It is also critical to conduct your own study to determine what requirements each of these sports need.

The epidemic had an impact on general physical and mental health since lockdown meant a sedentary and constrained lifestyle for the majority of us. Adventure sports may help you feel alive again and push yourself since they are a genuine test of mental power. After all, “A life without adventure is a life squandered.”



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