Kishtwar, a hidden treasure in Kashmir, has launched fascinating adventure sports activities!

To boost tourism, the government of Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar district organised adventure and sports activities. The valley is being promoted to attract visitors from near and far. The District Development Commissioner, Kishtwar, Ashok Sharma, inaugurated the events, which are being organised by the Kishtwar Development Authority (KDA) at the Chowgam grounds.

The zorbing ball adventure was launched on the first day, according to the officials. Other sports, such as skydivers, trampolines, and paragliding, will be added in the coming days.

“Kishtwar township and adjacent regions have enormous potential for paragliding, which has to be used for attracting visitors,” stated the commissioner, praising the efforts.

About Kishtwar:

Kishtwar is a little-known jewel in Kashmir known for its saffron cultivation. Because of this, the destination is also known as the Land of Sapphire and Saffron. The region is around 235 kilometres from Jammu and has some beautiful beauty, including towering snow-clad mountains, verdant valleys, and attractive rivers. The beautiful floral meadows, fruit orchards, and verdant woodlands here will astound you.

Given its geography, the area is also suitable for adventure. The Paddar and Wadhwan Valleys are especially well-known for paragliding and rock climbing. Trekking is also popular in the area, with one of the most popular routes taking you through Paddar Valley to Zanskar Valley.

Furthermore, the region is renowned for its magnificent saffron fields, which are scattered across the district’s various attractive hamlets, including Berwar, Hatta, and Pochhal, to mention a few. These blossoms are best seen between October and November.
Qilla Kishtwar, Katarsamna, and Bharnoin are some of the most popular sites to visit in Kishtwar.

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